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Myths About Portable Toilet Rental

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Portable toilet rentals help guests relieve themselves during concerts, events, or family occasions. One advantage of these toilets is that no infrastructure is required. A portable toilet is essential when you have no options for alternative restrooms. These toilets can be installed in different environments, from camping and construction sites to group gatherings and festivals. 

However, many people are reluctant to invest in portable toilet rentals because of the numerous myths about these restrooms. Here is a look at some common misunderstandings about portable toilets.

Myth: Indoor Restrooms Are Superior to Portable Toilets

A common misconception is that a portable toilet is a cramped space that doesn't allow you to clean up after relieving yourself. However, portable toilets come in different sizes and with various amenities. Therefore, depending on your choice, the toilet may have the same features as your ordinary indoor restroom.

Some amenities to consider when shopping for a portable toilet include hand washing stations, baby changing stations, heaters, and misting fans. If you expect many guests for an outdoor event, consider renting a restroom trailer. This portable toilet is larger than the standard size and features advanced amenities like separate bathrooms for both genders.

Myth: Portable Restrooms Smell

Many people believe that portable toilets smell. Whether a toilet smells or not depends on your cleaning and maintenance practices. A well-maintained portable restroom doesn't create offensive smells. If you choose a non-flushing toilet, the waste remains in the toilet until the rental company flushes it out. 

However, the biocide in the toilet kills bacteria. Furthermore, scented fluids are sprayed in the toilet bowl to prevent any foul scents. A flushable toilet smells as good as your regular indoor restroom. Make sure you set up a cleaning schedule with the toilet rental company to ensure your restroom is always clean and odor-free.

Myth: Portable Toilets Are Difficult to Move Around

Normally, a portable toilet rental company will place the restroom unit on a specific spot on your property, construction site, or wherever you are hosting an event. However, if you are hosting an event where you will have to move your toilet around the premises, you will need a special type of portable toilet. 

Many people believe that you cannot move a portable restroom without special equipment. Moving a portable toilet is quite challenging because of its size and the fact that you need to hold it upright while moving it. Fortunately, there are mobile restrooms that have wheels under their bases. These portable toilets on wheels are easier to move than stationary restrooms because they can be wheeled quickly and easily. For more information on portable toilet rentals, contact a professional near you.