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Own A Construction Company? Why Rent Toilet Trailers

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If you still rent portable toilet units for construction sites, it's time to upgrade. It's time to rent toilet trailers instead. You might think standard portable toilets are the best option for construction sites. That's not the case. There are quite a few benefits to renting upgraded toilet trailers. If you still plan to rent portable toilets, read the list below. Here are four reasons to upgrade to toilet trailers for your construction sites. 

Ensure Cleanliness

Your crew might be working on construction sites, but they still need to wash their hands during the day. That's especially true after they use the bathroom facilities. That's not easy to do on a construction site. Portable toilets don't have running water for hand washing. That's where toilet trailer rentals come into the picture. Toilet trailer rentals come with running water and sinks. That upgrade allows your crew to wash their hands after each use. 

Control the Odors

If you rent portable toilet units for your construction sites, you need to worry about odors. Odors can build up quite fast in a portable toilet unit, especially during the summer. That's why you should rent toilet trailers for your construction sites. One of the great things about toilet trailers is they have built-in ventilation. That ensures that the odors get controlled inside the trailer. That way, your construction crew doesn't need to deal with sewage odors while they work. The neighbors won't need to deal with the odors either. 

Improve Comfort

If you want to give your construction crew some comfort on the job, it's time to rent toilet trailers. Toilet trailers provide comfort that isn't available inside standard portable toilet units. Ventilation is one of those comforts. With ventilation, temperatures don't get so hot inside the trailer. Toilet trailers also come with more than one toilet stall. That way, there isn't a line to the toilet. You can even get toilet trailers with portable AC and heating units. That way, your crews can control the temperature. 

Avoid Vandalism

If you've had portable toilets get vandalized before, toilet trailers can help. It's not uncommon for portable toilets to get tipped over. Portable toilets can also get used after hours. That leaves you to take care of the mess. Toilet trailers are too big to get tipped over. Plus, they have doors that lock. That way, you can lock the units up when you leave for the night.

Contact a company that offers portable toilet rentals to learn more.