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Why Do You Experience Frequent Toilet Backups? 3 Possible Reasons

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Your toilet is arguably one of the most commonly used features in your home. Unfortunately, almost every homeowner encounters a toilet issue at some point. If you are lucky, you'll only face minor problems such as slight clogs, which are easy to fix. However, toilet backups are a whole different type of situation. They present serious problems, mainly tracing back to the sewer line.

For this reason, it is important to take the time to understand the reasons behind your frequent toilet backups. This should help you prevent future blockages and inform you for when you should call for toilet backup repair services. The following could be the culprits behind regular toilet backups. 

1. You Have an Obsolete Toilet Model

Conventional toilet models with older pressure and flush systems may fail to clear the debris in the toilet drainage pipes. This often results in minor clogs. The buildup of the waste gradually amounts to severe toilet backup.

Some toilet papers and non-flushable materials can quickly clog the toilet and result in a severe backup. You might want to replace your obsolete toilet with modern technology to put the backups at bay.

2. You Have a Major Sewer Line or Septic Tank Problem

Significant clogs along your main sewer line can send sewage, toilet paper, and waste materials back to your toilet. Overflowing septic tanks are also notorious for causing toilet backups.

Another culprit that could be causing your toilet to backup is the intrusion of tree roots. The roots could puncture your sewer line, creating an entry point for debris and other contaminants to find their way into your home via the toilet drains. If you suspect this is the problem, call for toilet backup repair services immediately.

3. You Are Choking Your Toilet With the Wrong Things

Toilets can only take so much abuse before deciding it's enough and respond with a severe backup. Typically, toilets are designed to dispose of specific materials. Toilet papers in the right quantity will quickly dissolve in water and won't pose a problem to the toilet system. However, if you stick non-flushable materials such as sanitary towels, wet wipes, plastic, and dental floss down the toilet, it's only a matter of time before you experience a toilet backup. Dispose of non-flushable materials in garbage bins instead to protect your toilet.

Have you noticed that your toilet keeps overflowing or returning waste materials? You likely have a toilet backup that needs to be addressed immediately. Contact a toilet backup repair service for more information.