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What's That Smell? 3 Reasons You Need To Have Your Commercial Trash Bins Cleaned

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If you've got trash bins in front of your business, you owe it to yourself, and your customers, to have them cleaned on a regular basis. You might think that since they're designed to hold garbage, they don't need to be cleaned. Unfortunately, that's not really the case. In fact, because they hold garbage near your business, they need to be cleaned and kept clean. Here are just three of the reasons why your trash bins need to be kept clean.

Eliminates Unpleasant Odors

If you run a restaurant or market, your trash bins may get quite smelly. That's because you and your employees are constantly throwing food away. Unfortunately, trash bins aren't emptied on a daily basis, which means that food you've been throwing away could sit there for up to a week. That's enough time for food to rot and create some seriously unpleasant odors. Once the trash bins are emptied, those odors are going to linger. Eventually, your customers are going to start noticing the unpleasant odors, and your business may begin to suffer as a result. You can avoid those odor problems by having your trash bins cleaned at least once a month.

Keeps the Pests Away

Once you've got foul odors coming from your trash bins, the pests are going to start showing up. That's because foul odors naturally attract a wide variety of pests, including rats, mice, and even cockroaches. Disease-carrying pests are the last things you want invading your business, especially when you're in the business of selling food. Unfortunately, if your trash bins are dirty and smelly, you're going to have a hard time keeping the pests away from your establishment. However, if you're having your trash bins cleaned once a month, the foul odors will go away, and so will the food particles that pests are feeding on.

Promotes a Healthy Environment

You might not realize this, but those dirty trash bins are harboring all kinds of germs and bacteria. Each time your employees go out to throw away the garbage, they come in contact with those germs. Unfortunately, that can increase the risk of illnesses, which can also increase the number of sick days you're dealing with. Not to mention the increased risk of infectious diseases that your employees are facing. You can do your part to promote a healthy work environment by having your trash bins cleaned at least once a month.

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