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Is It Time To Empty Your Septic Tank? Here's How To Tell

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Many modern homes have septic tanks, and occasionally these tanks need servicing. In fact, on a fairly regularly basis, septic tanks need to be pumped and cleaned out. The best way to care for your septic tank and to know when it needs pumping is to have it professionally serviced regularly. That way, when the time for pumping comes, the professional familiar with your septic tank can let you know. If it's been awhile since you've had your septic tank serviced, however, it's smart to be aware of the common indicators that your tank needs pumping. That way, if the time for pumping sneaks up on you, you can call a professional for assistance.

Water, Water Everywhere

To begin with, one of the major indicators that your septic tank needs pumping is if you notice pooling water on your lawn, especially if that water is near your septic system.

Pooling water typically means that your septic tank is beyond full (or clogged) and that, with nowhere else to go, excess water is now backing up into your yard. This can get to be a smelly and disastrous problem if you don't tend to it quickly, so at the first sign of standing water, call on a professional.

Troubled Toilets

Another indicator that your septic tank may require a little expert help is if you start experiencing problems with your toilet or other water-using devices, such as your washing machine. All of these things are connected, so a problem with one may indicate a problem with all.

A toilet that gurgles or won't flush may indicate that there is an overflow in your septic tank or a clog. No matter what the exact problem may happen to be, these kinds of issues definitely indicate that it is time to have a professional come out and take a look!

Bad Smells

One final indicator that something is up with your septic tank is if you suddenly start noticing unpleasant odors around your property. These yucky smells are most likely coming from your drains or the septic tank itself and the surrounding areas.

With a properly functioning septic tank, you shouldn't smell anything that's inside, but, with an overly full one, those yucky odors start spilling out, letting you know it's time to get some help!

As you can see, there are many indicators that it's time to have your septic tank pumped, so be on the lookout for these warning signs and, if you notice any of them, seek professional assistance right away.